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About Pineywood Fruits and Vegetables

Morel Mushrooms

Our Morels come from the Eastern Oregon mountains 5-10 Thousand feet above sea level, where there are no bugs (no need to soak in salt water).
We sundry them the same day they are picked. By sun drying them the flavor and nutrition value are locked in.
We never use a dehydrator.

Morel Mushrooms are available fresh mid June until the end of July. Over night delivery only. Market price plus shipping. Order fresh Morel mushrooms now!


Our Blueberries are hand picked and hand packed.
They are grown in Arcadia, Florida. The farm is certified and has been producing blueberries since 2007. Our season is February until June. We have a blend of five Blueberries in our packaging.
They are pesticide free. Order fresh Florida blueberries now!